Tuesday, January 22, 2008

what does Science say about the settlement of the America's before the Inca

"Science" is saying that the native inhabits of tis land got here many different ways. There have been studies finding that many of the Native Americans have Asian ancestors. Many ill-informed critics of the Church try to use this as evidence that the Book of Mormon is not true. They neglect to mention that DNA research is also finding that some Native Americans have primarily Near-Eastern and Israeli heritage (interesting article on this topic), which actually supports the claims in the Book of Mormon.

As far as science goes though, it has been my experience that science usually catches up with the Church, and not the other way around. For instance, when the "Word of Wisdom" (no alcohol, tobacco, tea, etc...) was given 170 years ago, many people actually thought tobacco was good for you. They had no clue what kind of horrible effects these things had until science snailed behind 150 years and figured out these things really weren't good for you.

That's one reason I'm not alarmed when reports come out about something that might shake someone's faith. Just give it a little while, and it will get straightened out.

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