Sunday, July 20, 2008

Accusation: The Truth About Mormons - Part 4

"It doesnt bother you that joesph smith went to jail murdered 2 people and was killed himself and now they have changed the story trying to say.."this is where joesph smith shed his blood for our sins."?"

I understand how absurd much of what is taught in The Church of Jesus Christ may sound, after all... I am a convert and use to make fun of Mormons myself. Does it bother me that Joseph Smith went to jail (on more than forty occasions I might add)? It might if he had done anything worthy of imprisonment.
The sad truth about many accusations that flutter around regarding the character of Joseph Smith is how woefully erroneous they are. For example, the accusation you just gave against Joseph Smith did not have any reference attached. Much of the anti-mormon literature out there is the same, not bothering to give any references. -Especially on the more extreme claims.
One of these extreme claims is that the story was changed to say, "this is where joesph smith shed his blood for our sins." I'm sure that you mean well by writing these things, but the problem in doing so is far-reaching. Those who are curious about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints might read a statement like this and accept it as true without "doing their homework." Then, they will perpetrate those falsities to others, thinking they are informed and so on. I know, I did the same thing.
To put this statement of yours to rest, I will only reference one verse in the Book of Mormon:
"And they had viewed themselves in their own carnal state, even less than the dust of the earth. And they all cried aloud with one voice, saying: O have mercy, and apply the atoning blood of Christ that we may receive forgiveness of our sins, and our hearts may be purified; for we believe in Jesus Christ, the son of God, who created heaven and earth, and all things; who shall come down among the children of men." -Mosiah 4:2
This statement was made by a group of people in roughly 124 B.C. Whether or not you choose to believe that this actually happened, you're the one that's accountable for that. What you can't deny is that the Book of Mormon clearly testifies that it is the blood of Jesus Christ that cleanses us, not Joseph Smith. The story has never changed. Those who say otherwise have not "done their homework."

It doesnt bother you that in Revelation 22:18-19 says " For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, if any man shall ADD UNTO THESE THINGS, GOD SHALL ADD unto him the PLAGUES that are written in THIS BOOK: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of prophecy, GOD SHALL TAKE AWAY HIS PART out of the BOOK OF LIFE, and out of this city, and from the things written in this book."
Does that bother you?

It does not bother me that this statement is recorded in the Bible. It is disappointing to me though, that so many people still quote this verse in hopes of discrediting the Book of Mormon. I've already written a more in depth article on this subject (the holy bible is very specific bout adding to or taking away). To put it simply (and succinctly), "this book" is referring to exactly that -the Book of Revelation. Remember, Bible comes from the Latin, "biblio," which means books, or library. John's statement is referring only to the Book of Revelation. In case you're interested, John wrote the Gospel of John 15-25 years after the Book Revelation. I don't think he wanted to invoke the plagues upon himself.


have you ever looked into your own beliefs and others? I'm not here to lash out..I'm here to help you from this great deception of lies. Do some homework and ask yourself questions. I pray that the TRUTH is what you see.

I appreciate your concern for my welfare and thank you, I have researched the beliefs I've subscribed to. I am a convert, and I can say with a certainty that I have seen and tried what else is out there. NOTHING has brought me anything close to or resembling the happiness and peace I have felt since joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And thank you for your advice to pray about these beliefs. I have done so in and have felt the peace and joy that come only from a loving Heavenly Father, through the Holy Ghost, confirming that these beliefs are true. I also hope that from my responses you have been able to tell that I have done a little bit of homework. May you be blessed as well.

Best Wishes,

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Accusation: The Truth About Mormons - Part 3

“Although the bible stays the same as today (word for word when the sea scrolls were found)- dont you ever questions why the mormon book has been changed 100's of times? Do you realize that the bible is the only book EVER to have 40 different authors, 3 languages, 3 contents, over 1500 years and none contradicted itself?”

I can appreciate your earnestness in defending the Bible and it’s divine origin. Most people in the world don’t realize that the one of the main purposes of the Book of Mormon is to serve as “Another Testament of Jesus Christ.”

Unfortunately, many pastors and religious teachers dismiss the Book of Mormon without actually reading what it has to say. This is how many misnomers are promulgated about the Book of Mormon and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

We also defend the Bible because, quite simply, if the Bible is not true, neither is the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon testifies of the divinity of Jesus Christ and his role as the savior of mankind. We however recognize that the Bible has gone through many translations and has undergone many modifications over the past 1900+ years. When the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered they did not correlate “word for word” as you said, but did however have many of the same writings. Curiously, there were many other books of scripture discovered with the Dead Sea Scroll cache that are not in our current version of the Bible. This is no big surprise, seeing that even today protestants and other non-Catholics exclude the deuterocanonical texts that are found in the Catholic Bible.

Interestingly enough, if you take the time to study the dead sea scrolls (I own a great version called “The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls,” by Geza Vermes), many teachings actually support what Mormonism teaches.

Now, as far as changes to the Book of Mormon, I’m surprised you low-balled the number that much. There have been thousands of changes to the original manuscript of the Book of Mormon. And if I left it that, I would be doing exactly what many ill-informed critics do. –Not clarifying what that means. We have most of the original hand-written manuscript on record and it is actually printed for all to see and compare to all who wish to see it (see The Critical Text Project for the Book of Mormon, Royal Skousen). Those changes were mostly punctual or grammatical. Much to the chagrin of nay-sayers, the doctrines and stories found in the Book of Mormon have not changed.

Next, let’s talk about your following comment: “Do you realize that the bible is the only book EVER to have 40 different authors, 3 languages, 3 contents, over 1500 years and none contradicted itself?”

It’s important to recognize that the Bible is not one book, but a collection of books. Bible comes from “biblia,” which is the Latin word, meaning library, or books. So, it is not ONE book that has the qualifications you just mentioned.

Just to humor you, the entire Book of Mormon (which is also a collection of books) has many authors too. It also contains fragments of at least 3 languages, spans at least 3 continents, and covers at least 2,600 years. –By the way, the Bible covers much more than 1,500 years, more like 4,100 years.
Hope that cleared things up a little bit.

Best Wishes,

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