Monday, December 17, 2007

Was Jesus married?

Why was Jesus not able to commit to a marriage relationship with a woman?
Weren't unmarried bachelors 24 years of age and older in Judaism deemed to be over the hill?
Like weren't Joseph and Mary married as young teenagers, maybe at age 15 or 16?


Most likely.
Christ was perfect not only because he was the son of God, but because he kept ALL of his Father's commandments. -That's the reason why he was able to die for us and it be efficacious for our salvation (lamb without blemish). What's the first commandment God gave to man? "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it...." -Gen 1:26
Obviously, that requires marriage (Gen 2:24) because God wouldn't command them to fornicate.
Christ was perfectly obedient to Heavenly Father, hence he kept every commandment. If he was not married, then he did not obey all his Father's commandments and hence was not perfect. For all those who said Jesus was not married, you also say that he was not perfect.
It was also a commandment to have children (be fruitful, multiply).
For the life of me I don't know why this is so offensive to some people?

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Anonymous said...

who did he marry,how many children did he have and where can i read about this in the bible.

Rusty Curtis said...

Great questions. I would like to know myself but we probably won't know for sure until after this life. Many have speculated and deduced from clues left through the gospels that Christ might have been married to Mary and/or Martha. Some even believe that the wedding at Cana (where Jesus turned the water into wine, was his own wedding). The bottom line is that we don't know -solely from reading the New Testament- the answers to your questions.

tree said...

hi,every one,this is TREE !! gods commandments to EVERY ONE ,is to MARRY and to BE FRUITFUL.(this is to me the reason why the women of the bible that were " barren " grieved so....not only because they wanted children to love,and carry on the family blood-line, but also that it was a commandment of god that with-out they couldnt not fufill gods commandments in full. ) now that is just my opinion. even if god did not make this commandment, what GREAT SIN would it had been (or)how or why would JESUS being MARRIED or/and having CHILDREN make his DEITY and his being our SAVIOR any less valid ??????? #1 if JESUS did not keep all of the heavenly fathers commandments he would not have been PERFECT thus for he could not have been the LAMB OF GOD,the perfect SACRIFICE for our sins. this is my opinion if i am wrong in anything i said in this comment ,PLEASE some one from The Church Of JESUS CHRIST Of Latter-Day Saints, show me where and why i was wrong. talk to me at THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME,tree

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