Thursday, May 8, 2008

Accusation: The Truth About Mormons - Part 2

continued from "Accusation: The truth about mormons - Part 1"

“and asked about what church to go to..and that angel of light said none…”

Joseph wanted to join a church because he thought it the right thing to do. He asked God which church to join because he was confused by all the different teachings from the different churches (happens a lot, right?) and he wanted to know which church God approved of. Jesus Christ (not an angel of light), told young Joseph to join none of them.

“they are ALL WRONG..which states that EVERYTHING about them and beliefs arnt true-then your calling GOD a LIAR! THAT MEANS GOD WAS WRONG>>>>GOD IS NEVER WRONG.”

This was one of those moments when I was shocked. Jesus Christ, said that the Churches were wrong and that Joseph must not join any of them. This does not mean that “everything about them and their beliefs aren’t true.” I’m not sure how this naysayer made this jump, but it was a big one.
We believe that almost all churches have pieces of truth in them. We invite others to take what truth they have, and come and see what truth can be added to that, as our late beloved President and Prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley said. So, this would not make God a liar, but Satan and evil men would be the liars.
“God is never wrong.” No argument from us on that one amigo.

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