Sunday, March 2, 2008

Online Missionary Success (Part 2)

Recently, I wrote about a friend a made on who joined the Church a while ago, but was driven out by her mother (of another faith). She always retained a deep (though tender) testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel.

She contacted me through and my blog (Truth is Restored) and asked me many questions about the Church and it’s teachings. I have been following her progress and steps backs towards the Church.

Earlier this week, I had been thinking about how she was doing and I wrote to check up on her. Following is a paraphrase of her response:

“Hey Rusty, guess what ? My mom is moving out, she just cant take it that I am LDS. I wish her all the luck!
My husband is going to church with me and said yesterday (all on his own, out of no where) that he was thinking about joining the church. He loves what he has learned so far. Our gospel principles teacher (Brother Bailey) has gone in great depth, from A to Z every thing about the church.
I’m so excited! When we are in class you can see my husband hanging on every word and nodding his head "yes" when every thing is explained.
As for my seven-year-old daughter, I have explained every thing from being spirit children to agency and the Atonement of Christ. She is highly intelligent and was asking me before we started going back to church 4 weeks ago about getting saved and baptized. On September 19th she will be 8-years-old, so I want her to understand exactly what it means to be saved and the importance of it all. Waaah-Hoooo!!! Can you believe it? My little family of Mormons!!! Gotta love it!
I just want to say thank you for all your studying and your blog, “Truth is Restored.” That was a big part in my going back to church. Now my family is going to be saved, baptized, and members of our Church.
God bless you and your wife!

-My husband, Keeley (my daughter), and me”

It is amazing how big of an impact we can make when we take a little time and apply our efforts in the cause. I would have been satisfied if my labors had done nothing more than keep some of the false and negative materials about the Church out of the top spots on web-searches. I have now had the joy of helping precious souls find the truth only found in the restored gospel of Christ.

Let’s carry on in this great cause brethren and sisters!

Best Wishes,

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Anonymous said...

This is great news! I am so excited for her family and the wonderful changes they will see in their lives!

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